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IntervalCam is intuitve and is flexbile for all types of HIIT workouts. Learn how to create Tabata, AMRAP, EMOM, Challenges and Superset workouts in IntervalCam.

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How to create workouts in IntervalCam

How to create a Tabata workout

The classic science-backed HIIT workout. 8 sets of 20 second intervals followed up 10 seconds on rest. Only 4 minutes long, but sure to be one of the most intense workouts you'll experience.

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How to create an AMRAP workout

As many rounds as possible. Show your clients the full itinerary of the circuit and see how many rounds they can do in the allotted time. A favorite among CrossFit gyms and bootcamps.

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How to create an EMOM workout

Every minute on the minute. Exercises alternate every minute in this classic HIIT workout. This IntervalCam workout is easy to program and keeps the intensity and movement flowing.

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How to run a Challenge in IntervalCam

Test your clients fitness for time with circuit challenges. Have the timer count up to gauge your client's fitness gains week over week.

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How to create a Superset workout

Two exercises back to back with no rest. Supersets are a great way to combine two movements to increase training efficency and build strength.

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