$59 / month

10 classes

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$119 / month

20 classes

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$199 / month

40 classes

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$299 / month

75 classes

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Pricing questions

How does billing work?

Plans are charged monthly at the beginning of your billing cycle. You can cancel at any time, plans are month to month.

Do you offer custom plans?

Depending on your needs, we are happy to create a plan that fits your business needs. Email us at and we'll work something out for you.

What if I need multiple licenses?

Multiple licenses are available for our corporate clients. Please contact us at for a corporate plan tailored for your business.

How long is the free trial?

We offer a one week free trial where you can use the software with your clients and evaluate it for your business. You can cancel any time for free before the trial ends.

How is class usage calculated?

We use a combination of analytics and metrics to determine when you are using IntervalCam to host a class or workout session. We err on the side of caution and take conservative estimates of your class usage.

What happens if I go over the class allotment?

If you are slightly over your plan's class allotment, that is OK - you won't be charged with any overages. If you come close to the next tier up, we will contact you to ask for you to upgrade your plan.

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