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Install IntervalCam and try it for free for one week. Installation requires macOS Catalina and above and the latest Zoom (Select the Regular version instead of Apple Silicon).

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Version 2.32 - last updated 9/13

Installation instructions

1. Update macOS and Zoom

From the Apple menu  in the corner of your screen, choose 'About This Mac' to check your macOS version and update to Catalina and above. Please also update to the latest version of Zoom (Select the Regular version instead of Apple Silicon).

2. Open the installer

Download and open IntervalCam.pkg and give permission to install the app and access your camera. Login via Google or Zoom and then select a plan to start your one week free trial.

3. Restart Zoom

Quit and restart Zoom. This will allow Zoom to fully restart and recongize IntervalCam as a new camera source.

4. Select IntervalCam as your Camera in Zoom

Start a new Zoom meeting. On the bottom left corner of Zoom, tap the arrow next to "Stop Video" and select Interval Camera from the menu.

5. Uncheck "Mirror my video"

By default the camera is mirrored on Zoom, so the workout text will show up backwards. Click the arrow next to "Stop Video", click "Video Settings..." and uncheck "Mirror my video".

6. Installation complete

Now just press 'Play' from the IntervalCam Mac App and your workout overlays will show up directly in Zoom!

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