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1. Download and install IntervalCam to add custom workout overlays to your camera feed.

2. Select IntervalCam as a camera in Zoom and other video apps.

3. Run your virtual class with our custom fitness overlays.

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Frequently asked questions

What kind of workouts do you support?

IntervalCam works with all kinds of workouts including HIIT, bootcamp styled classes, CrossFit, cycling, etc - any type of workout where the exercises, movements or rest periods can be grouped into blocks or circuits. We also support circuits like EMOM, AMRAP and Tabata. Check out more content on our Instagram.

Does it work in other apps besides Zoom?

Yes, IntervalCam will work in any video chat app that allows you to choose your camera source such as Hangouts and YouTube. Workouts are embedded directly into the webcam feed, so your students can see the workout prompts without having to share your screen.

Will it work with my hardware?

IntervalCam is a Mac app that requires you run macOS Catalina 10.15+ and Zoom 5.1+. Please contact us if you are looking to run IntervalCam on another platform.

How do you create a workout?

Tap the “+ New Workout” button on the top left of the app. Name your workout and start adding interval blocks. Each interval block has a name and time value, i.e. burpees for 30 seconds. Tap “Play” and your interval timers will overlay directly in your webcam feed. Learn more by referencing our help guide.

Are you listed on the Zoom Marketplace?

Yes, you can find us listed in the Lifestyle category of the Zoom Marketplace - IntervalCam.

How do I get IntervalCam to show up in Zoom?

Click on the arrow next to "Stop Video" in Zoom and select a camera. After installing IntervalCam you will be able to select it as a camera in Zoom. Learn more by referencing our help guide.

Does it work for EMOM, AMRAP, Tabata?

Yes we support all types of circuit workouts. You can easily create a circuit of "every minute on the minute", "as many rounds as possible" or Tabata styled circuits.

Does it work with external cameras?

Yes, you can pick an external camera to use. InteralCam works with external webcams like a Logitech StreamCam or even a DSLR or GoPro when paired with a USB capture card.

Can I customize the overlays and add my logo?

Yes you can add your gym's logo for that professional look and feel. You can also pick different text colors, choose how many exercises to show up next and set the exercise transition time.

Do my clients also need to download the app?

No, once you have IntervalCam installed, your clients don't need to download anything to see your IntervalCam overlays in live or recorded sessions.

Can I save workouts?

Yes, all IntervalCam workouts are saved, letting you build out an extensive workout library. Mix and max different workouts and circuits to customize the programming for your clients. You can also create template workouts that let you create new customized workouts quickly.

Do the overlays show up in recordings?

Yes, you can record a workout session on Zoom or QuickTime. The overlays show up directly in the recording - including all the timers, exercise names, circuits and your gym's logo.

Does it support rest periods and can I pause the timer?

Yes, just name your interval block “Rest” and set a time to desginate rest periods into your workouts. You can also easily pause the timer by clicking pause or tapping the "Space" bar.

How does scheduling and payments work?

Coming Soon - We’re working on a storefront web app that works alongside IntervalCam. Your clients can view your workout calendar to book sessions and make payments via credit card.

How does heart rate integration work?

Coming Soon - We’re working on Apple Watch integration. Once paired you can actively target heartrate zones and compete on the leaderboard.

How does Spotify integration work?

Coming Soon - We’re working on Spotify integration. You’ll be able to select a playlist and it will play in sync with your workout through IntervalCam.

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