How to run a Challenge in IntervalCam

Test your clients fitness for time with circuit challenges. Have the timer count up to gauge your client's fitness gains week over week.

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Challenges FAQ

What is a Challenge or Time Trial?

Challenges in IntervalCam is a timed circuit of prescribed exercises and rep counts.

During a Challenge, the timer will count up and you can track how long it takes for your client to finish a prescribed circuit.

How long should a Challenge circuit be?

You can test a client's anaerobic fitness but prescribing a challenge with a short amount of reps. This will test their speed and strength.

A challenge with more exercises and reps will test your clients overall endurance and aerobic fitness.

Can I use Challenges to test my clients fitness?

Yes, Challenges are a great way to test your client's fitness week over week.

Just be sure to keep the circuit consistent week over week to make sure you are comparing standarized times.

How do you create Challenge in IntervalCam?

Just click on the "Add Exercise Block" dropdown and select "Add Circuit Block".

For the Circuit name, you can name it Challenge, and for the Time field, just leave it blank to intiate the timer to count up instead of down.

Denote each exercise in the Challenge and specify the number of reps.

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