How to create an AMRAP workout

As many rounds as possible. Show your clients the full itinerary of the circuit and see how many rounds they can do in the allotted time. A favorite among CrossFit gyms and bootcamps.

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AMRAP workout FAQ

What is an AMRAP circuit?

AMRAP stands for As Many Rounds As Possible, a favorite among CrossFit gyms and bootcamps.

AMRAP workouts have an established circuit of exercises and rep counts - the goal is to complete the circuit as many times as possible in the alloted time.

AMRAP circuits are a great way to run a workout across clients with differing fitness, as everyone can pace themselves according to their fitness levels.

How long should an AMRAP circuit be?

AMRAP circuits can be just 20 seconds or even 20 minutes.

The time frame of the circuit will target different fitness systems. Shorter circuits will build strength and target your anaerobic performance.

Longer circuits will build up endurance and target the aerobic system.

Can AMRAP circuits be used to measure fitness?

Yes, keeping a AMRAP circuit consistent week over week is a great way to keep track of your client's performance improvements.

The number of rounds completed in an AMRAP is a great way to extract a tangible metric of fitness from your clients and measure improvement week over week.

Just be sure to keep the circuit time and exercises consistent week over week for a standarized test.

How do you create an AMRAP circuit in IntervalCam?

Just click on the "Add Exercise Block" dropdown and select "Add Circuit Block"

Inside the Circuit block you will be able to name the AMRAP circuit and specify the total circuit time.

Denote each exercise in the circuit and specify the number of reps.

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